I’ve been roughly tracing my talks from late here in my blog. It’s good for me to rehash the thoughts from Sundays back here with you.  I hope to do more than simply talk about family. Writing about it helps me get it a layer deeper in my gut. Thanks for going there with me.

Finding Life…

The way the world works most of the time is like this: you see something you want such as a dream, a new car or a candy bar, then you go for it until you get it. Interestingly enough personal fulfillment doesn’t seem to come that way. Seldom if ever do we experience fulfillment when that’s explicitly what we are looking for. Jesus said if you try to find your life (as an end goal) the then you will ultimately lose the life you are trying to hold on to. On the other hand, if you will spend your life on him then you will find life.

The best question you can ever ask yourself is how you fit into God’s purposes in the earth (v/s how he can fit into yours). He always calls us into his purposes by being part of his family first. It is from there that we discover what part he made us for. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about family and destiny and here are a few more thoughts that I believe will help us come alive in the family.

Three Pursuits that Will Make You Come Alive

1. Pursue a goal that is bigger than personal fulfillment. God, how do I fit in your plan?

2. Discover the part of the family that God has designed you to be (more on this coming soon). Our purpose makes more sense in the context of the family just like a thumb makes more sense in the context of the hand. God, how do I fit in your family?

3. Help other’s discover who they are. The essence of spiritual gifts according to Paul’s diatribe in Cor. 12 is for the purpose of helping others. It is in this spirit that we help other find out who they are. God, how can I help others find where they fit?

Jesus came to give us “abundant life,” and wants that for us now. I’m glad he also gave us a head’s up on how to and how not to access that life.

Here’s a little more….