When you step back and look at Israel’s transition from life in Egypt to life in the Promised Land of Canaan, you can see that God was not only trying to transition the location of his people but he was transitioning the very core of their identity. Have you ever considered how to take a slave and make him a ruler? This was the task at hand for God to fulfill his promise to Abraham and his descendants.

Even in the holy writ of scripture Solomon says there are things that just don’t work, they can’t “bear up” and “make the earth tremble”: a servant who becomes king,  and a servant who displaces her mistress (Proverbs 30:21-23). In both situations the person moves into a position or “land” if you will, where the person’s inside is smaller than their outside. The earth cant hold up under it. It’s like a poor person winning the lottery. It ruins their life because their is no internal structure to support the enormity of the complication that comes with a large sum of money.

God had the task of bringing Israel, who were owned by Egypt into ownership of a land he had promised them. I believe this is the same work the Lord is attempting in us. We were slaves to sin and he has made us a kingdom of kings and priests.

God wants to make us as big on the inside as the plan he has for us on the outside.