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I had a great Easter, dressed up a little and thought about what the Cross means for my life right now. I wanted to talk at church a bit about the cross so I decided to look at some videos of “The Passion of the Christ” on vimeo. They messed me up. Honestly, some of them seemed too graphic to show at church. I could hardly watch the scourging.

I cried as I watched the depiction of his suffering, while trying not to be too loud (our kids were asleep). I was moved. The thought that I can’t get away from is regarding what it means now. The Cross means that there is absolutely nothing standing between me and God. I spent some time just laying in the living room floor and thinking about this thought. Needless, to say it didn’t take long to literally feel God’s presence. It was light and loving. It was bright and inviting. It was real. Why? Because, the Cross means there is nothing that is keeping us separated.

At the Cross, Jesus initiated the great exchange: sin for forgiveness, wounds for healing, curse for blessings and rejection for acceptance. Applying the power of the Cross is step one to living in the power of the resurrection.

The first chapter of Colossians says that through Jesus’ death, God made peace with all things. He’s already made peace with us. I think he’s just waiting for us to make peace with him by accepting what he’s done.

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